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Sunday, September 21st, 2003
11:48 am
read "pillars of creation". it was awesome. i have homework, but i think i'm gonna play cs instead. i <3 terry goodkind even though he looks like a creepy bastard in his picture. hmm... nothing to say.

but i'm alive over here!


current mood: sleepy

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Thursday, September 18th, 2003
12:04 pm - this little tidbit
on the computer next to mine:
"Keyboard failure.
Strike the F1 key to continue."


current mood: giggly

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Wednesday, September 17th, 2003
9:18 am
i don't feel like going today. mondays and wednesdays are my worst class days. nothing interesting. math, history and work. ick. i think i've complained about this before, but just too bad for you. haha ha. riiight...

last night was really boring, probably because i was so tired i didn't feel like doing anything. so i went to bed at like 10oclock, an hour earlier than i do when it's jon's time. ;) but he didn't come to bed until (at his report) 2am, so I think it was a good choice. i also feel somewhat rested (gasp) for the first time in a while. awake, even. i also slept in an extra hour this morning, since it's my late morning and i don't really have to worry about getting to class ontime.

the problem with updating too much is that i run out of things to say. my life just isn't that interesting.

current mood: blah

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Monday, September 15th, 2003
10:05 pm - topic for discussion
every picture i have of me on LJ was taken in someone else's bedroom, none belonging to the same person.

discuss amongst yourselves.

current mood: geeky

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9:57 pm - fever dreams
hot hot hot hot hot. i'm too hot. why am i so hot?

so miserable.

why am i sick? why am i so damned whatever it is that i am that i'm still going to school and classes and workstudy? somebody kick me.

i'm doing far too many things recently that require me being kicked. why am i so... all these things that i don't really like even a little?

i need to go see jeanine. i love her way too much and it's making me sad cuz i miss her a lot.

damn it.


current mood: hot

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Sunday, September 14th, 2003
2:16 pm - some things you think you don't need until they leave you..
ugh. got sick late friday night. with the vomiting and the fever. the vomiting has passed, but i still have a fever and i'm weak as shit. of course it would happen while jon was away in maryland, and i had to walk to 7-11 myself to get soup and water that's drinkable. that was hard as hell and it took me about three times as long as it should have under normal circumstances. and by the time i got back i was too tired and weak to actually make the soup, so i just ate the rice noodles and drank water. i think my one roommate was about to come out and make sure i hadn't fallen over or something, because when i got back he was watching the top of the stairs and asked if i was ok.

so i called out of work on saturday and went back to bed. someone smack me.. jeanine's baby shower was yesterday and i missed it. i cried when we got off the phone. i felt like shit anyway, and to miss that makes me feel like an asshole. i can't believe i didn't remember it. (*kicks herself in the ass*)

i can't make up my mind if i'm hot or cold. except that i'm sweating. but my fever is hanging around 100 so it can't be that bad. i'm going to go do some homework or something.. it takes too much effort to sit up.

i love you, beanz. :(

current mood: sick

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Friday, September 12th, 2003
7:31 am - wow, two updates within a day of each other.. the sky must be falling. ;)
i am tired. i fell asleep way early last night and jon thought it was cute so he let me sleep. and so i woke up at midnight when he came to bed and couldn't really do more than doze for a coupla hours before waking up again. 3.30, 5 and 6.45 (why did i want to type G for 6? WHO KNOWS!). i'm really tired. ugh.

at least i only have one class and work today. and payroll is done, i'll probably have to do mail but being as it's friday that probably won't be too bad. so i can go lock myself in the shredding room and listen to my headphones and ignore everybody. ha!

then i'm going to come home and nap. i have work tomorrow night so i guess i have to get used to that not sleeping at night shit one more time again. (*sigh*) but then, i have next weekend off ENTIRELY. no work at all. so i'm pretty happy about that.

jon's going home to his dad's for the weekend, so at least i know i'll be able to sleep tomorrow and take naps without worrying about him waking me up at noon (like he always does, the silly). and stuff. i don't want to work. but i do wantmoney. i'm worried my refund check money won't last as long as it needs to. although i could always get another loan. or two. (*sigh*) why do finances suck so badly. i wish i was little again and didn't have to worry. i'm not old enough for this crap.

i'm up for class but i don't feel like showering until after i get home, so i have an hour and a half before i have to leave... even with a shower that'd be at least an hour. so bleh. it sucks. i don't know how to reset the "hours" part of jon's alarm clock or i'd go the hell back to bed. sigh.

i'm gonna do some laundry. i need socks.


current mood: exhausted

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