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i don't feel like going today. mondays and wednesdays are my worst class days. nothing interesting. math, history and work. ick. i think i've complained about this before, but just too bad for you. haha ha. riiight...

last night was really boring, probably because i was so tired i didn't feel like doing anything. so i went to bed at like 10oclock, an hour earlier than i do when it's jon's time. ;) but he didn't come to bed until (at his report) 2am, so I think it was a good choice. i also feel somewhat rested (gasp) for the first time in a while. awake, even. i also slept in an extra hour this morning, since it's my late morning and i don't really have to worry about getting to class ontime.

the problem with updating too much is that i run out of things to say. my life just isn't that interesting.
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