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wow, two updates within a day of each other.. the sky must be falling. ;)

i am tired. i fell asleep way early last night and jon thought it was cute so he let me sleep. and so i woke up at midnight when he came to bed and couldn't really do more than doze for a coupla hours before waking up again. 3.30, 5 and 6.45 (why did i want to type G for 6? WHO KNOWS!). i'm really tired. ugh.

at least i only have one class and work today. and payroll is done, i'll probably have to do mail but being as it's friday that probably won't be too bad. so i can go lock myself in the shredding room and listen to my headphones and ignore everybody. ha!

then i'm going to come home and nap. i have work tomorrow night so i guess i have to get used to that not sleeping at night shit one more time again. (*sigh*) but then, i have next weekend off ENTIRELY. no work at all. so i'm pretty happy about that.

jon's going home to his dad's for the weekend, so at least i know i'll be able to sleep tomorrow and take naps without worrying about him waking me up at noon (like he always does, the silly). and stuff. i don't want to work. but i do wantmoney. i'm worried my refund check money won't last as long as it needs to. although i could always get another loan. or two. (*sigh*) why do finances suck so badly. i wish i was little again and didn't have to worry. i'm not old enough for this crap.

i'm up for class but i don't feel like showering until after i get home, so i have an hour and a half before i have to leave... even with a shower that'd be at least an hour. so bleh. it sucks. i don't know how to reset the "hours" part of jon's alarm clock or i'd go the hell back to bed. sigh.

i'm gonna do some laundry. i need socks.

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