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some things you think you don't need until they leave you..

ugh. got sick late friday night. with the vomiting and the fever. the vomiting has passed, but i still have a fever and i'm weak as shit. of course it would happen while jon was away in maryland, and i had to walk to 7-11 myself to get soup and water that's drinkable. that was hard as hell and it took me about three times as long as it should have under normal circumstances. and by the time i got back i was too tired and weak to actually make the soup, so i just ate the rice noodles and drank water. i think my one roommate was about to come out and make sure i hadn't fallen over or something, because when i got back he was watching the top of the stairs and asked if i was ok.

so i called out of work on saturday and went back to bed. someone smack me.. jeanine's baby shower was yesterday and i missed it. i cried when we got off the phone. i felt like shit anyway, and to miss that makes me feel like an asshole. i can't believe i didn't remember it. (*kicks herself in the ass*)

i can't make up my mind if i'm hot or cold. except that i'm sweating. but my fever is hanging around 100 so it can't be that bad. i'm going to go do some homework or something.. it takes too much effort to sit up.

i love you, beanz. :(
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